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I enjoy teaching The ART of Living a Life You LOVE because it gives me joy to see people feeling happy.


I enjoy supporting my students as they clarify their current core values, use more of their creativity, and set intentions that help them create a life they enjoy.

I teach my students how to replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs, expand their comfort zone, and feel great about the actions they take each week.

During classes I listen carefully, ask empowering questions, encourage you to prioritize your intentions and keep moving forward to achieve your goals, heart's desires, and dreams.


I've found it's helpful to use my Circle of Life to assess where you would like to make improvements in your life and how you use of your time.


You can for class dates if you feel it would be helpful to you in living a happy life.

I've written a book titled The Art of Living a Life You Love which is about how to live your music and live your best life. TAOLALYL includes life lessons, stories, and examples from my own life and my work as a creative life balance coach as well.


Because my book is about personal development, success, creativity, and happiness I like to use it when I teach my Live Your Music classes.

My book is for anyone who wants to feel more alive, be who they are born to be, use more of their creativity, decide how they use their gift of time, live their music, and love the life they are living.

My ZOOM classes are helpful during times of transition, or when you want to improve one or more relationships you have in your life. 

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you would benefit from my book and my classes.

__ Do you feel unhappy?

__ Do you feel stuck in fear?

__ Do you feel overwhelmed?

If you have questions, send me an email with ZOOM Classes in the subject line.

Margaux Joy DeNador


The ART of Living a Life You LOVE

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