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About Me…

My name is Margaux Joy DeNador and I am an author, singer songwriter, radio show host, graphic designer, and teacher with over 30 years experience in personal development and living a life you love.


I love teaching because I love to hear students express happiness as they create their desired outcomes and move out of the comfort zone to do new things.


My intention is to inspire people to improve the quality of their lives, make positive changes, live their music, and love their life.

I've found that I like to do a variety of things because it keeps life interesting, creative, challenging, and fun!

I love working with my husband in his graphic design and photography business DeNador Design & Photography and I have since 1985. I enjoy creating publishing design for books and newsletters.

In 2007 I took singing lessons, something I felt called to do, and have been practicing singing nearly every day since then. I've recorded vocals for three of the songs I've written with my husband and that was great fun! In 2014 my husband and I joined West Coast Songwriters and are hosts of the WCS Open Mic in San Rafael, CA. 

In November 2013 my book The Art of Living a Life You Love was published by Balboa Press. You can get the book on Amazon by clicking here. To read endorsements for my book, click here.

In December 2013, I started hosting my Blog Talk Radio show titled "Live Your Music" and I've hosted shows for over ten years.


During my Live Your Music show I talk with people who have been living their music for a long time and also people who are just starting to live the music they hear calling them. My intention with the show is to encourage listeners to live the music in their Heart. All of my guests are living their music in their own unique ways. My guests include authors, artists, musicians, singer songwriters, coaches, teachers, and other show hosts.

New shows are on Wednesdays at 12pm Pacific. Replays of the shows are available to hear free anytime of day or night. To hear the show live, or listen to recordings of past shows, click on the following link:

If you would like ask me questions about classes, my book, or my show, please send an email to

Margaux Joy DeNador


The ART of Living a Life You LOVE

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